3 things to check while buying your first guitar as a beginner guitar student

Regardless of whether you would be purchasing your first guitar or not, it would not hurt to remain prepared in advance. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to learn guitar from a nearby tutor or from one of the best guitar lessons online for beginners. So, if this would not be your first time buying a guitar from popular brands like Gibson, Fender, or Yamaha, it would be safe to assume that you would have a bit of experience in this field. That being said, you would not require much help and guidance. On the other hand, if this would be your first time, it would be quite normal if you would have a very vague idea regarding the things to look out for.
That being said, you have absolutely nothing to worry about since we would be able to help you out in this matter. All you have to do is continue reading below to know about the three most important things that you need to check when buying your first guitar.

1. Determine your purpose
Before you would enroll in a leading online course like jamplay or guitartricks  or where  the instructor shows how to learn guitar from pop, you would have to determine your purpose about why you would like to get a guitar for yourself. While a lot of people would conjure random things about why they would like to get a guitar, you should not make yourself fall in to the same trap.

Take a moment and think through about why you would like to get one. In this way, it would make the entire task much easy upon yourself.
2. Determine your price range
Just like it would be important to determine your purpose for getting a guitar, it would be equally important to get your price range determined in advance. This is because there would be no point in entering a guitar shop and falling in love with a guitar that would be way beyond your price range. So, the sooner you would decide on this, it would be easier for you when searching for one. In addition to the price, there are a couple of other things that you would need to see such as what wood has been used to make the guitar, brand, quality, and accessories.
3. Acoustic or electric
This is a question that you should definitely ask yourself before buying a guitar. If you would find yourself to be confused, then you should ask yourself what kind of music you would like to play. You should know that there is no right or wrong answer here. There are guitar legends from both acoustic guitar and electric guitar space who made themselves a legend on the market. Strictly following a good electric guitar lessons can make you one as well.

Lastly, in guitar lesson for beginners, you should also think about whether you would like to get your guitar from an online store or a traditional one. While each of them seem to have their own pros and cons, it would mostly depend upon your convenience. However, since this is the first time that you would be buying a guitar, it would be recommended that you get it from your local guitar shop. In this way, you would be able to see the different kinds, give it a try, and ask for help from the people there. Not only that, but you would then be able to check the online guitar forums to see whether you would be making the right choice or not.
Hopefully, all of this would help in making your purchase decision easier.

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Which one is best lesson for beginners? Acoustic or electric guitar?

If you are thinking about becoming a guitar legend through online guitar lessons for beginners, you would be well aware of the fact that this is something that would require a bit of training and time. After all, no one would be able to become as good as the guitar legends overnight. This is because nothing would trump patience, hard work, and perseverance.
Hence, if you would like to pave this path for yourself, one of the first things that you would have to do is decide whether you would like to play an acoustic guitar or an electric one. While you would be able to find a lot of conflicting evidence regarding it, the truth is that there is no clear cut answer for it. However, that does not mean that you should not consider a couple of things in order to make the  buying guitar course for beginners  to learn acoustic or electric guitar.

Benefits of a learning and playing an electric guitar
When learning to play the guitar for the first time, hand and finger strength would become an obstacle. That is in online guitar lessons for beginners, you would really benefit if you start your journey with an electric guitar. This is because in addition to saving your hands from hurting later on, it would also require less effort. Electric guitars would allow you to move your hand easily and with less fatigue.

You would also find the strings to be thinner and not that tough to push down. Other than all this, you would also have help from an amplifier to generate the sound that would allow you to create a more constructed sound. All of this could be done with less effort. While it might not sound like a big deal to you, you would be surprised by the huge difference that an amplifier would be able to make in your guitar playing sessions.

Benefits of using and playing an acoustic guitar
Conversely, you would also have to know about the benefits of playing on an acoustic guitar. Just like the name suggests, it would allow you to get the raw and natural sound – if that is what you would be looking for. Generally speaking, if you would like to learn the basics, then there would be no better way to do that than with an acoustic guitar.
In this case, another thing that you would need to bear in mind is the price. While you would definitely be able to find a couple of cheaper priced models in the case of electric guitars, you would find acoustic guitars to be more affordable. Simply put, they would have a low barrier to entry.

The bottom line

Therefore, to sum up the whole discussion about online guitar lessons for beginners, there are a couple of things to help you out:
• Due to smaller necks, thinner strings, and an amplified sound, electric guitars have been found to be slightly easier to play
• These guitars could be played anywhere
• Acoustic guitars would not cost you much to get started.

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How not to hurt yourself while learning acoustic guitar lessons as a beginners

When learning how to play guitar in as a beginner, it would not come as a surprise that you would become a victim to blisters on your left hand fingers from playing guitar. Since this is a new musical instrument that you would be playing, one that would involve strings, it would definitely injure you to some extent. Not only that, but you would also experience soreness from time to time.

However, that does not in any way mean that you would give up on your passion for playing guitar as rockstar. This is because the most effective way in which you would be able to build calluses is through the traditional method of practicing. But, that does not mean that you would practice non-stop for one day and then take a break for the next three days. It would mean that you would have to remain consistent in terms of your practice.
So, once you have developed guitar calluses, you would have to make it a point to practice your guitar daily, even if it would be for a couple of minutes. As long as you would adhere to your routine, you would be able to maintain your calluses. In this way, you would not have to worry about your fingers getting sore ever again. Therefore, if you are wondering how you would be able to learn how to avoid that from the best guitar lessons online, keep reading this post as I cover everything.

Things you should consider to keep yourself safe as a beginner guitarist

While most online based guitar tutorials will cover all the technical stuff like notes, scales, chord progressions, and shredding; there are something that are very much essentials as those to keep your hands safe from any unwanted injuries. There they are listed sorted based on importance:

• Keep your nails trimmed
This is something which would indeed seem like quite a simple task. This is because it would be easier to build calluses if you would have shorter nails. Not only do long nails make it difficult to develop calluses, but it would also make it difficult to get a good sound.

A long nail can also damage your fretboard by leaving a nasty scratch mark on it’s beautiful polish. I am sure you do not want to have that.
• Get hold of the right strings
You would be happy to find out that you would be able to get guitar strings in a variety of gauges. Simply put, light gauge strings would be much easier to play than the medium or heavy gauge strings. In addition, they would also cause less finger tension ones you start playing leads. On the other hand, while medium or heavy gauge strings would cause more finger soreness, they would definitely help you to build calluses over time.
• Increase the playability of your guitar
This would refer to the space between the strings and the fret board. So, the strings on a guitar which would have high action would be higher off the fret board as opposed to the strings on a guitar with low action. So, the higher the action, the more force would need to be exerted to press down on the strings. However, this would not be something that you would need to be worried about since this could be simply adjusted. Plus if these are some of the things that are always covered on top guitar tutorials that teaches how to learn online to play guitar.
Lastly, in terms of guitar lessons online, you would have to remember that you have worked quite hard for your calluses. Once you have earned them, you would have to work hard to keep them that way. One way in which you would be able to do that is through consistent practice.

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3 things every guitar player should learn first from online guitar lessons for beginners

So you are planning to learn acoustic or electric guitar for quite some time now? And recently you have decided that there will be no better time than now. In that case, you decided to teach yourself guitar free by following the best guitar lessons online that covers everything that you need to know about how to play this amazing instrument step by step. By all the classes being conducted online, you will not have to take the additional hassle of moving along your schedule in order to accommodate this. In addition, it will also mean that you will be able to pursue your passion in the comfort of your own home. The best part about these online guitar classes is that you will be able to get them at quite an affordable price. Simply put, not a lot of thought and consideration will need to be given behind it.

Things to learn first from a beginner oriented online guitar lesson

Since you will consider yourself to be new to this whole thing, it will not come as surprising that you will like to get more knowledge about it. This is because the more information that you will be able to acquire, the more you will be able to appreciate this art. Not only that, but it will also help to make it easier for you to learn to play the different types of guitars.
So, for all the newbie guitar players out there going for beginner friendly guitar lessons, there are three very important things that they will need to know about.

Once you will grasp all these tips, you will be able to begin playing your guitar to perfection. If you will like to know more about it, continue reading below.
1. Understanding the anatomy of guitar
There is absolutely no way that you will be able to play guitar if you will not know its anatomy. Hence, you should gather all the details along with its purpose. Simply put, you should make yourself familiar with the different parts of the guitar, such as bridge and head stock.

Even though this is something which will take a bit of time, you will have to make the extra effort. This will be regardless of the fact if you will be playing an acoustic guitar or an electric one. Such different types of guitar pickups and head knobs.
2. Holding your guitar the right way
While you might be under the impression that you can hold your guitar in any way that you will please, that will not be true. This is because if you will like to get best quality of sound, then you will have to hold your guitar the right way. That is why you should practice holding your guitar by keeping your right hand on top of the sound hole and your left hand on the neck. In this way, you will be able to experience a very clear sound from your guitar. For left handed guitarists, that would be vice Versa.
3. Exercising your fingers
Being a beginner guitar player, you will be faced with the challenge of finger pain. While this might be normal to experience, you will be able to reduce the pain by stretching out your fingers before exercising.

This will allow your muscles to get accustomed over time so that it will no longer cause you pain in the future. This stretch exercises will also help you to avoid different types of physical injuries from playing guitar the wrong way.

Thus, these will be some of the important things that you will need to keep in mind when you are learning guitar for the first time.

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