How not to hurt yourself while learning acoustic guitar lessons as a beginners

When learning how to play guitar in as a beginner, it would not come as a surprise that you would become a victim to blisters on your left hand fingers from playing guitar. Since this is a new musical instrument that you would be playing, one that would involve strings, it would definitely injure you to some extent. Not only that, but you would also experience soreness from time to time.

However, that does not in any way mean that you would give up on your passion for playing guitar as rockstar. This is because the most effective way in which you would be able to build calluses is through the traditional method of practicing. But, that does not mean that you would practice non-stop for one day and then take a break for the next three days. It would mean that you would have to remain consistent in terms of your practice.
So, once you have developed guitar calluses, you would have to make it a point to practice your guitar daily, even if it would be for a couple of minutes. As long as you would adhere to your routine, you would be able to maintain your calluses. In this way, you would not have to worry about your fingers getting sore ever again. Therefore, if you are wondering how you would be able to learn how to avoid that from the best guitar lessons online, keep reading this post as I cover everything.

Things you should consider to keep yourself safe as a beginner guitarist

While most online based guitar tutorials will cover all the technical stuff like notes, scales, chord progressions, and shredding; there are something that are very much essentials as those to keep your hands safe from any unwanted injuries. There they are listed sorted based on importance:

• Keep your nails trimmed
This is something which would indeed seem like quite a simple task. This is because it would be easier to build calluses if you would have shorter nails. Not only do long nails make it difficult to develop calluses, but it would also make it difficult to get a good sound.

A long nail can also damage your fretboard by leaving a nasty scratch mark on it’s beautiful polish. I am sure you do not want to have that.
• Get hold of the right strings
You would be happy to find out that you would be able to get guitar strings in a variety of gauges. Simply put, light gauge strings would be much easier to play than the medium or heavy gauge strings. In addition, they would also cause less finger tension ones you start playing leads. On the other hand, while medium or heavy gauge strings would cause more finger soreness, they would definitely help you to build calluses over time.
• Increase the playability of your guitar
This would refer to the space between the strings and the fret board. So, the strings on a guitar which would have high action would be higher off the fret board as opposed to the strings on a guitar with low action. So, the higher the action, the more force would need to be exerted to press down on the strings. However, this would not be something that you would need to be worried about since this could be simply adjusted. Plus if these are some of the things that are always covered on top guitar tutorials that teaches how to learn online to play guitar.
Lastly, in terms of guitar lessons online, you would have to remember that you have worked quite hard for your calluses. Once you have earned them, you would have to work hard to keep them that way. One way in which you would be able to do that is through consistent practice.

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